• I would like to read the book “Economic Dynamics” by John Stachurski, cover-to-cover.
  • I would like to read the book “The Econometrics of Financial Markets” by Campbell, Lo & MacKinlay, cover-to-cover.

Good management, but concerned by the prices of needle coke, producers of which are sure to want to get in on the upward margin action.

For some reason, I find the idea and the ability to sacrifice something today, in order to gain something tomorrow powerful. I don’t yet know whether I am good at it or not — my best guess is that it depends on my outlook at the moment.



Here is my portfolio allocation as on 31st December 2017. About 50% of my holdings, in terms of current value are in just 2 stocks — RELIANCE & TATAMOTORS.

The next 4 stocks – SUPREMEIND, MOTHERSUMI, SUNPHARMA & CUB take the portfolio to 75%. So basically, 75% of my portfolio is in 6 stocks.

Portfolio (December 2017)