You can leave your hat on

For a number of reasons, hosting a blog on is not a very satisfactory option for me. Not only does it allow no changes to the CSS, installation of packages is severely limited. I have decided to move to my old domain, that I let lapse last year.

I intend to have it up and running by later today, once I have figured out which hosting plan to buy. The market for web-hosts is crowded and the product is not very well differentiated across sellers.

The workflow for today is roughly going to be:

  1. Buy web-hosting and set up website and wordpress blog.
  2. Download and compile OCaml for 64-bit Windows. This has a significant number of steps and might take a while.
  3. Code up the econometrics “Hello World” – generate some data and compute the regression coefficients, the standard errors and the t-statistics and write them to the console and to a text file.
  4. Blog about it on the new blog.


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